Wizard Advisor

For early-stage startups.

If you’re choosing between doing your own Facebook ads or going for a low-budget freelancer, this option is for you.

Don’t entrust your media buying to an ameteur! Instead, get sage coaching from a top 1% marketing expert. We’ll walk you through exactly how a top 1% expert would run your ads.

Starts at


AI & Automation Artificer

For companies looking to upgrade every aspect of their operations.

If your company is not investing into AI and automation, those that are will eat your lunch. Whether you need techstack design guidance, email/SMS flow setup, or you’re looking to ‘magic away’ all your manual tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Starts at



For companies trying to break their first million.

This is our ‘fractional CMO’ option.

We’ll help craft every element of your customers’ journey – from first ad view to purchase. It’s like hiring somebody from McKinsey, except instead of just getting a presentation that outlines the plan, we find right partners to help execute, then we implement the plan for you from start to finish.

Starts at


Merge Army

For companies doing $50k/month in revenue.

This is our ‘full-service’ option. You get our Merlin package plus a team of expert media buyers and AI/automation development. We’ll take care of all your marketing needs and take half your operational debt off your plate. If you’re looking to to grow from a $1 million per year brand into a $100 million brand, this is the option for you.

Custom Pricing

Channels & Services

Strategy and Brand


Analytics Techstack & Implementation

Paid Ads Execution

Retention Marketing


Every Agreement Custom-Built for Your Business

Standard packages lead to substandard results. All the options on this page are just guidelines. 

We craft custom agreements that balance scalability with flexibility and empower us to invest our time and resources  into the areas of your business that need it most.